Cloud Servers


Xeon® CPU's

SSD Storage

Clustered SSD Storage


1Gbit/s uplink

Hosted in Curaçao

Virtual Servers, built to your needs

Sincere Cloud Servers are Virtual Servers built on top of our High Availability Cluster offering exceptional reliability and flexibility.

You select the amount of CPU Cores, Memory, SSD Storage and Bandwidth according to your needs.
Choose from a standard Linux template such as Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS. But we also offer licensed Microsoft Windows Server (at additional fee). Our platform makes it easy for you to quickly deploy your application, ideal for distributed applications. Through our intuitive control panel you can easily manage and monitor your server. You can even choose to install your own Operating System by uploading an ISO image.

All Cloud Servers include our standard 1Gbit/s uplink on our Premium Caribbean Network with peering capacity with all major regional ISP's, making sure your application will always be fast and reliable!

Design your server, starting at $20/month

And get up and running whithin minutes!

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If you are a Managed Service Provider looking to expand your Cloud Services portfolio, look no further. We offer discount incentives on our Reseller Program and a dedicated account manager so you can focus on growth. Contact us to explore the possibilities.