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Sincere Cloud Back-up will allow your organization to securely and reliably back-up your company data to our secure datacenter infrastructure. You decide what, and when to back-up, and our software will do the rest. Our comprehensive backup solution is designed for backing up files (fileshares), servers, databases, VMs, Windows Systems images and Windows System State. Our software can also be installed on your Synology or QNAP NAS. All back-ups are fully encrypted, securely transmitted over the web and access is secured with Multi Factor Authentication. Clients will receive detailed back-up reports and notifications if changes are made to the back-up configuration.

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Cloud Back-Up FAQs

How many devices can I back up?
  • The software can be installed on one machine, for example your fileserver. However you can buy additional licenses for $20/month to run the software on an additional device. If planned out correctly you could back-up a lage portion, if not all crucial data from a single device. If additional licenses are brought they will share the same storage quota.

What software do I need to use Sincere Cloud Back-up?
  • We will provide the license and the software needed for this service. Our software will then be installed on your server(s). We support Windows Servers, Linux Servers, MacOS, Synology NAS and QNAP NAS

How secure is Sincere Cloud Back-up?
  • All back-ups encrypted using a secure encryption key. This key is only known to the customer, therefor we, or any other entity will not be able to recover your files without the encryption key. Additionally all communication between your client and our service is fully encrypted over HTTPS.

How are my back-ups safe against Ransomware?
  • Ransomware will encrypt all files on the compromised machine and possibly even your complete local network. Since your back-ups are securely stored in our datacenter these will not be affected by the attack and you will be able to restore all resources as backed up. Although sophisticated ransomware attacks involve disabling and/or deleting back-ups, through our solution it will be impossible for the ransomware to change or disable back-up procedures without requiring a multi factor challenge and alerting the customer.

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